In order to facilitate the hastening of the recruitment process, the Government of India has adopted strict rules, regulation procedures for which the following documents duly attested are essential and must be sent to us by the employers.


This letter has to be sent to us, typed on your letterhead mentioning all terms and conditions of the services with reasonable salary. Demand letter must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of employment and Indian Embassy in the country of employment.

A power of Attorney also on your letterhead duly attested by Chamber of Commerce of the country of employment, Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Indian Embassy in the country of employments is required for registration with the Protector of Emigrates. In the Power of Attorney, the employer will authorize Trade well to do the needful on their behalf to complete required formalities of India and the embassies of the host countries in regard to manpower recruitment.


This is an Agreement of service between Employer and the Employee, which we (as authorized agents of the Employer) sign on behalf of the Employer with the Employee. Most of the general terms and conditions in the Foreign Service Agreement are laid down by the Government of India, which cannot be changed.

The Service Agreement and Power of Attorney along with the Demand Letter has to be registered by us with the Protector of Emigrants and only after the registration of Power of Attorney and Demand Letter, we are officially permitted to carry out the recruitment.