Selection Process

Candidature of manpower is matched on receipt of client's requirements from our available Data Bank/Network which we have richly developed. To attract potential/experienced candidates for overseas jobs, we also sometimes issue advertisements in leading local newspapers thereby updating our Data Bank for the benefits of our valued clients.

A list of short listed candidates is prepared trade wise after conducting trade test/interviews in the respective trade by our field expert engineers along with relevant details and comments of specialists reflecting candidate's inclination for overseas jobs. Lists are forwarded to the clients for the further necessary action/advice in the matter.

Selection Made By Us:

We have observed out of our experience & faith that the client considers our lists of short listed candidates & sends us visas/NOC accordingly as they are unable to visit India because of their tight daily work schedule. In this case we once again reconfirm their candidature particularly to their loyalty to serve the overseas employer whole heartedly at their respective worksite as we stand to their guarantee.

Selection Made Company's Delegation:

We extend facility to conduct trade test/interview for various categories of workmen/personnel during Delegation's visit. To avoid any confusion we take the responsibility that the candidates are made available during the scheduled/prefixed date of visit of the Delegation for the selection of candidates. Necessary services in connection with the recruitment/selection of candidates are provided by our experts to facilitate the trade test/interview to the visiting Delegates. To take care of carrying out all these activities we claim to have sound infrastructure to evaluate the skills of individual workman. We are pleased to make necessary arrangements for the comfortable stay in India for the prospective visit of Delegates including their local transportation if desired by them.


Time required for the completion of Manpower Recruitment is subject to various factors such as total number of manpower, required categories and standards of trade test specified by the employer, etc. Therefore, no definite time can be given. However, generally the breakdown of time required to complete the procedure of manpower recruitment is as follows.


After receipt of essential document application to Protector of Emigrant for permission and subsequent advertisement = 5 to 7 days
Selection of 100 / 200 persons including medical tests, trade tests and preparation of all documents. = 20 to 25 days
After receiving visas, submission to Embassy for due endorsements. =10 to 14 days
Registration of Agreements with Protector General of Emigrants for Emigration granted to employee. = 3 to 5 days
Time required to deploy above 100 workers. =45 days